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The French CyberTaskForce is an operational work force that responds to gaps and silos by initiating a constructive institutional dialogue around Digital Trust.


This work force is an agile tool for mobilizing high-level actors and involving those who have not yet integrated emerging threats. It helps to strengthen the operational and productive dialogue between public and private stakeholders in the Cyber, digital, organizations, communities and industrial sectors ecosystem.


The work program is not designed as a discussion platform, an information cycle or a prospective think tank. It has a targeted goal, a defined framework, a chosen method and an agenda. It must lead to a common position on the essential and indispensable elements to build a society of trust: confidence of the networks, trust in the uses, confidence in the services. It thus supports the digitization of society by informing and sensitizing citizens, businesses and communities to emerging threats.


Initiates and uninitiated will thus find themselves 10 times in the year to work and make recommendations and concrete proposals to build this digital trust in Europe




Mobilizing citizens and society

on the urgency of securing

Digital Transformation


Information sharing

is the key to collective security

on the networks


Link ecosystems

to create conditions

for mutual trust


Take all measures

to speed up security

of the digitized society


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